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How do I log back into my travel registration?
Once you have started a travel registration, you can log back into it by heading to the top right of the Travel Registration Homepage and clicking on "LOGIN". After entering your UA credentials, you will be brought to the Registered Travel Home Page where you will see all travel you have started or completed and each registration's unique registration ID (e.g. REG ID# 60192). Simply click on the travel registration link (e.g. Faculty/Staff Travel) you wish to continue working and you will be taken to that registration's dashboard.

How can I find my travel registration ID, as required on the Travel Authorization form?
Follow the steps above and, in the Registered Travel Home Page you will see all travel registered along with each travel registration unique ID (e.g. REG ID# 60192).

How can I withdraw my travel registration?
To withdraw your travel registration, follow the steps provided under the How do I log back into my travel registration? question, identify the specific travel registration listed in the Registered Travel Home Page, and click on the "Withdraw" button that will be located just to the right of your travel registration link.


Please view the following power point tutorials below. Should you have any questions after viewing the tutorials please email UA Global Travel.