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University of Arizona Global Travel Registry

WHO: UA employees, students, volunteers, participants, and Designated Campus Colleagues (DCCs).    

WHAT: Traveling on official UA international* travel under any of the following circumstances:
  • In the course and scope of UA employment and representation
  • In connection with a UA sponsored research grant or contract
  • Financed through UA by funding, scholarship, sponsorship, or financial aid
  • Travel, while enrolled as a UA student to meet a course or degree requirement
  • Directed, coordinated, or supervised by UA employees for any traveler
  • Involves the use of a UA vehicle.
* Travel outside the U.S. 50 states to U.S. territories is included in UA international travel procedures, due to insurance and safety considerations.

WHEN: As soon as possible, at least 30 days prior to departure.
WHY: The UA International Travel Registry facilitates compliance with federal regulations and enables rapid location and communication in an emergency.

Gather information, documents and tips listed on the Know Before You Go Travel Checklist. 

Select the appropriate registration button below to initiate your registration:


Select ONLY if you are traveling as a student on a field trip or club travel, travel is accompanied or closely arranged by UA faculty or staff, and there is no travel reimbursement.

Select if you are a student, faculty, or staff and traveling in the course and scope of UA employment or representation, regardless of possible reimbursement of travel expenses.

Select if you are registering on behalf of the traveler.


The UA Interim Policy for International Travel Safety and Compliance applies to all official international travel of all UA employees and students, regardless of funding.  Official University travel includes, but is not limited to travel for: conferences, research, sabbatical, guest scholarship, partnership collaboration and development, or class credit.  This policy does not apply to personal travel.